The Evolving Woman

Jennifer is a Life Coach in Los Angeles who assists those in need help releasing their fears, changing their story, and finding their voice. Recognizing the power in Forgiveness of Self and Others can create a life of freedom, an opening of the heart to self-love and transformative healing.

Life Coaching is about moving your life forward.

Resolving conflicts and issues that hold you back from your true authentic self.  Learning new tools for your upliftment on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level will create the life you have always wanted.

If not now, when?

Jennifer Schwartz is a Forgiveness Coach and a certified graduate in from the University of Santa Monica, USM, world renown for Spiritual Psychology.

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Transformation Coaching


Change Your Story

You can have a life of joy, happiness, and a freedom to change your story.

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Dig Deeper... seek a richer, fuller, heart opening to the possibility of the: “Life you have always wanted”.

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Join like-minded women for a weekend of relaxation, re-calibration, and self-celebration.

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Praise for The Evolving Woman

"She has shown me how to take every experience in a positive light.”


"She changed my life!”


“She reminded me that I am strong and empowered!!”


“Brings us closer to harmony within our own souls!”


“You hold the space for us to allow Joy to come in.”


"...Naturally gifted, kind, generous, charismatic healer. I have benefited immensely from her lessons."


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